Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Laser Hair Removal: Do Women Prefer Bare or Hairy Men?

Do you know what I’m talking about when you first starting dating someone and you spend a lot of time trying to look good and attractive to impress them? Even in the honeymoon period of relationships, you probably put in a lot of effort to keep your partner impressed.

You want to reel your partner in and look as attractive as you can be—who doesn’t do this? Humans are visual creatures after all. Perhaps you’ll fit in extra workouts at the gym or spend a lot more time grooming and putting together outfits.

A big part of this whole grooming and pampering stage involves your hair. Trying new hairstyles and cutting your hair is a given, but what about shaving or permanently removing body hair with laser hair removal? Of course, men and women’s preferences on body hair will always differ from person to person. However, lots of studies show that women do have specific preferences when it comes to men and their grooming habits.

Here are results from one study that Remington Products published:
  •       71% of the surveyed U.S women prefer men to trim their backs. 
  •     33% of women preferred a man’s back to be completely bare.
  •     53% of the women who are casually dating or divorced think men should trim their chest.
  •     43% of the women preferred men to keep all of their chest hair.
  •     17% of women prefer men without any hair on their chest.

Preferences of body hair vary from person and culture. One study shows that 80% of surveyed Turkish and Slovakian women like men to be smooth and bare.

If you do personally prefer to have little to no hair, laser hair removal will give you what you want. Treatments get rid of hair just about anywhere on your body. It could be an area as small as your fingers or toes or as large as your back. Below are some common body areas we remove hair from.


Shaving underarms is pretty much second nature for women, especially when it’s bikini season and summertime. You can’t really get away without shaving when you’re wearing tank tops like you can during the winter when you’re covered in thick sweaters. Laser hair removal for underarms is considered a small zone, so each treatment costs $199.

Before and after photo of laser hair removal patient
Source: SpaMedica. Before and after photo of a patient who had laser hair removal treatments on his back.

Back and Chest

When men book laser hair removal treatments at SpaMedica, it’s usually to remove hair on their back and chests. Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon, says when men have a lot of hair in these areas, they tend to go through a lot of dress shirts—it gets embarrassing in social situations and not to mention it becomes a hassle to constantly go through several shirts regularly. The back is considered an extra large zone; each treatment starts at $499.


Keeping legs bare and smooth is another region that majority of women do as part of their grooming routine. Especially during the summer, it’s essential to have bare legs in the summer when you’re rocking shorts and skirts all day. Really, no matter what season it is, you can’t get away with letting leg hairs go wild if you have to dress up for an event or have a hot date that leads to a little more. Legs are considered a large zone, so each laser hair removal treatment costs $399.

Free Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Until March 15, 2015, SpaMedica is offering a free laser hair removal package when you purchase any body contouring package. You’ll get 5 free laser hair removal treatments on extra small zones. Interested? Go on and book your appointment online now or call us at 1-877-712-8367.

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