Wednesday, 11 February 2015

MiraDry: The One Way to Eliminate Your Excessive Sweat for Good

MiraDry is a treatment to eliminate excessive underarm sweat in Toronto

Imagine this: You’re on a first date with someone you really like in a fancy restaurant that you wouldn’t normally go to on a regular day. Your stomach is fluttering, your mind is jumbled and you’re trying to make sure you don’t say the wrong things that would put your date off. You’re real nervous but you don’t want to show it. Your date eventually excuses themself to the washroom.

As you pull your phone out of your pocket, you realize that your underarms are sweating. A lot. There’s so much sweat that it soaks through your shirt.

Now this could be a rare thing when you’re in situations where you feel anxious, but some people deal with excessive sweating every day. If you constantly apply deodorant and antiperspirant but you still sweat a lot, you might have a condition called axillary hyperhidrosis.

That’s a fancy name for excessive underarm sweating. This condition is when underarm sweat glands are overactive. They’re producing much more sweat than what’s needed to cool down the body. Understandably, people who sweat excessively often feel embarrassed or anxious in social and work settings. They worry others will notice the sweat or stains through their clothing. Excessive sweaters can produce 4-5 times more sweat than what’s considered normal. 

What You Can Do About Excessive Underarm Sweating

Sweat Shields

Sweat shields aren't a permanent solution or treatment of excessive sweating like MiraDry. But it’s an affordable option to stop sweat from showing on your clothes. Sweat shields are self-adhesive so you can place them in the underarm areas of your shirt. There are also shields that have elastic arm straps that attach to your body instead of clothing. Sweat shields are usually 100% cotton and can be reused or thrown out.

Some people find sweat shields too uncomfortable or that they shift around too much. You’re also out of luck if you want to wear sleeveless shirts—unless you’re okay with showing off your sweat shields in public.

Source: YouTube. Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon, demonstrates the miraDry treatment in this video.

MiraDry Treatments

If you want a permanent solution to stop your sweating, then MiraDry is what you should look into. This non-invasive treatment eliminates excessive underarm sweating. During your MiraDry treatment, a physician uses controlled energy to eliminate underarm sweat glands; they won’t be making any surgical cuts or incisions. These sweat glands don’t grow back once they’re removed. Your results will last permanently.

The treatment takes about one hour to perform. For the best results, patients should have two treatments separated by three months. You’ll see that you’re sweating much less right after your first treatment. Another bonus is that it also permanently removes underarm hair. You can get back to work and regular activities right after treatments since there’s no recovery time.

Learn more about miraDry

If you’re seriously thinking about getting rid of your excessive sweating for good, read more about MiraDry and how it works. Leave us a comment or fill out an online consultation form if you need any more information.

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