Wednesday, 25 February 2015

5 Minute Nose Job: How You Can Transform Your Nose In Minutes

Just like committing to a relationship or making a large purchase, deciding on changing your physical appearance takes a lot of thought and commitment.

Maybe that’s why temporary procedures are appealing to a lot of people. They give people an altered appearance, but only for a certain time period. If a person likes what they see, they can decide on a surgical procedure for permanent results. If not, then there’s no big deal—the results disappear overtime.

The 5 minute nose job is one of the most popular procedures that provide you with short-term results. It’s a non-surgical procedure that essentially lets people alter their nose within minutes. If you’ve got a bulbous nose or crooked nose, that could be changed through 5 minute nose jobs without the need for surgical rhinoplasty or downtime.

How Was The 5 Minute Nose Job Created?

Source: SpaMedica. Before and after photo of a patient who had a 5 minute nose job.

Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon, created the 5 minute nose job. He initially used saline to show rhinoplasty patients how they could look like after surgery. He then realized he could use the same injectables he was using to build up the chins and cheeks of other patients for longer-lasting results for the nose. Dr. Mulholland also developed this procedure because he saw several patients who didn’t want invasive surgery or having to deal with recovery time.

Thinking of Larger Breasts? You Can Test Drive That, Too.

It’s not only your nose that you can change temporarily. Back in November, news outlets reported that a New York plastic surgeon developed the “insta breast” that would give patients the look of breast implants for 24 hours through a saline injection.

It was reported the surgeon was developing a method that would allow women to have larger breasts through injections that would last for 2-3 weeks. This procedure is referred to as “vacation breasts” as the surgeon said it was ideal for special occasions like weddings or vacations.  He said the procedure will give women a better opportunity to see what it’s like to live with larger breasts. He hopes the procedure will be ready in about two years.

How Does a 5 Minute Nose Job Work?

Source: SpaMedica. Dr. Mulholland and the 5 minute nose job was featured on Global News. 

Your nose’s appearance is changed all through injections of long-lasting gel fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma or Perlane. They’re either used alone or in combination.

Different areas of concern of the nose can be corrected or improved through 5 minute nose jobs. Bulbous tips, crooked noses, elongated noses, indentations and weak nose bridges are just some common things Dr. Mulholland sees and treats on a regular basis.

There’s no need for anaesthesia. Local anesthetic is built right into the gel, which helps in minimizing discomfort.  You won’t have any scarring and you don’t have to take time off work to recover. You literally can just leave the clinic with a brand new nose and carry on with your regular life. There will be some swelling and a small risk of bruising, but these symptoms disappear within a few days.

These results can last from one to two years. So, if you like what you see and feel, you always have the option of getting rhinoplasty for permanent results. 

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