Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Ugly Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

We’ve all seen people who look like they’ve had a bit too cosmetic surgery done, and it doesn’t take an expert to spot it. Whether it’s on TV or in the real world, some people walk around with faces that look like caricatures or bodies that look obviously unnatural. Cosmetic surgery addicts exist—taking a look at celebrities, I can name a few names off the bat. Example: Heidi Montag, who seems to be best known for having 10 procedures in one day which included breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and a brow lift all in the same day.

Lots of people may laugh or gawk at cosmetic surgery addicts, but the thing is, it’s a serious addiction that could be detrimental.

What is cosmetic surgery addiction?

Cosmetic surgery addiction is classified as a behavioural addiction. When someone has a behavioural addiction (it could be to video games, shopping or gambling), it means they are compelled to repeat a specific behaviour regardless of physical, mental, social or financial consequences. Behavioural addictions start out with a person associating the behaviour with pleasure, but then once it becomes more frequent, the behaviour becomes a major part of the person’s life. While indulging in the behaviour provides the person with relief, it’s also used as a way to deal with stress or other underlying issues.

A cosmetic surgery addict can be willing to shell out thousands of dollars and alienate themselves from loved ones to get the procedures they want.

Source: Zimbio.com. Heidi Montag underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one day. Some procedures include breast augmentation, brow lift and liposuction

Body image and psychological issues can also influence someone’s choices for multiple cosmetic procedures. David B. Sarwer and Alisson L. Infield discussed in their book Breast Augmentation that several studies from around the world show between 7-15% of cosmetic surgery and dermatology patients have some form of body dysmorphic disorder. Those with BDD are preoccupied with small or imagined defects in their appearance. This preoccupation can wreak havoc in their work and social lives.

Cosmetic surgery addicts will seek multiple procedures at whatever cost

There is nothing to stop a person from seeking consecutive cosmetic procedures. Even if someone has had liposuction two times before, there are no real regulations or laws in Canada to prevent them from having a third or fourth procedure. That’s where the role of plastic surgeon is important—they may be the ones doing all the magic work, but they should be spending a lot of time talking to and evaluating their patients during consultation. This is the point where they understand if the patient is seeking surgery with realistic expectations and the right mindset.

Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon, says he turns down over half of the people who approach him for surgery. He says he spends a lot of time during interviews to find out the person’s motivations for surgery and their expectations. “Cosmetic surgery should be used to enhance your life, not compensate for a failed relationship or other set-backs,” says Dr. Mulholland.

It all goes back to the ethics of a plastic surgeon. They can refuse to perform surgery on patients who they find unsuitable. If the patient wants breast augmentation because she thinks it will help her win back an ex-lover, that reason won’t fly with an ethical doctor who has the patient's well-being in mind during consultation. But the sad thing is, there are surgeons who will do what the patient wants—regardless of their mental state and motivations.


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