Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Does Your Nose Grab All The Attention In Selfies?

When one of your friends grabs their cell and wants to take a selfie of the group, do you hide in the back? Have you developed a signature pose that you believe hides your cosmetic imperfections? If so, you may have Selfie Shyness Syndrome.

If the thought of cosmetic surgery flashes through your head in time with the flash on the cellphone, then get serious. That overly long nose, jug ears or chubby little chipmunk cheeks won't magically correct themselves, you know. Hate to break it to you, but there's no such thing as a Selfie Elfie who sprinkles magic beauty dust.

As the graphic from beverly hills based plastic surgery center below illustrates, there are only two ways to handle this sad little syndrome. You enroll in some body image counseling or find a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Both might be better.

There are all kinds of reasons people don't make that final step toward a permanent fix for their little imperfections.

First, you might cringe at all that pain. Cosmetic surgeons are doing a lot of work today developing new surgical techniques that lessen the pain from procedures. Whether you opt for injections, liposuction or a full face lift, you'll find that the pain is usually far more tolerable than you imagine.

Next, you might fear being "over-worked." We've all seen celebrities who find themselves looking like fright movie creatures and not the real, if aging, beauties they should be. This is where your judgment enters the picture. Interview the surgeon first and ask a lot of tough questions.

Too many patients think doctors should interview them, as if they are applying for the job as patient. Stop. Reverse. Dig deeper. Ask about their qualifications and education. Ask to see photos of their work. Ask if you can talk to their patients who said they would agree to questions from prospective patients. Do your homework!

Last, most of us fear the rejection of family and friends. If you feel that they'll think less of you for having a cosmetic procedure performed, then ask them! Chances are they just want you to be happy with yourself and are probably tired of your signature pose anyway.

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