Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What’s The Big Deal About Big Boobs?

It’s no brainer to say that we like big boobs and that goes for men, women and everyone in between. Big butts may be the trend lately, but a pair of voluptuous boobs is still unquestionably attractive in the eyes of people around the world, and more specifically in North America. Men just tend to look (or stare) at large breasts. Have you ever wondered exactly why that is though? There’s got to be some scientific reasons as to why men find big boobs so attractive, right?

The average breast size has gotten bigger over the years

Over the last 30 years, the average bra size for women grew from 34B to 34DD. The reasons? A bigger chunk of the population have larger waistlines than before—more than 60% of American women are obese or overweight now. The lingerie company who conducted this bra study also noted that women are now more aware of their bodies and are wearing bras that fit them properly.  We also can’t forget that since breast augmentation is always one of the top procedures performed year after year, that also plays a huge factor in larger breast sizes.

Big breasts indicate a woman’s health and fertility

One reason why big breasts are considered attractive is because they’re indicators of a woman’s health and fertility. This study revealed that a woman’s breast size and waist-to-hip ratio signified her ability to bear and nurture children in the eyes of men. The study’s researchers wanted to find out if women who had big breasts and a narrow waist did in fact have higher chances of reproduction—and their research and results did prove this hypothesis. 

Financial status of men indicates their preference for breast size
How financially well off a man is correlates to what breast size he likes in women.
Financial status of men indicates their preference for breast size

Alright, now we know western men are biologically inclined to be attracted to busty women. Apparently a man’s financial status reveals what breast size he prefers too. In a Psychology Today study, psychologists wanted to see if there was a link between a man’s socioeconomic status and his preference in breast size. Men of different socioeconomic backgrounds were asked to pick what breast size they thought were attractive after watching animated female figures of different breast sizes.

  •  Poorer men preferred large breasts
  • Financially well-off men preferred small breasts

Not everyone goes crazy over big breasts

Everyone prefers different traits and quirks that they find attractive. Some people are into small boobs. Some people like big, bubbly butts. All of that is perfectly fine. Even if there’s a chosen preference, most of the time men can’t help but look at a woman’s big breasts. While they’re not always staring at them, they will definitely notice. Don’t get mad at your boyfriend or husband if you happen to catch up sneaking a peak at big boobs. Now you know there are science-backed reasons as to why men can’t help but look. At least most of the times. 

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