Thursday, 16 April 2015

Don't Skimp Out On Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments can be risky if performed by inexperienced providers.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Sales and discounts give you a rush because you feel like you’re saving money on that new shirt or phone you bought. It can sometimes feel like an impulsive reaction to buy something because it's just so cheap compared to other prices you've seen. But think twice about certain things such as unusually cheap non-surgical treatments like laser hair removal, especially at establishments without licensed medical professionals. Sometimes the results could be poor and even dangerous because of the lack of medically licensed or poorly trained staff.

What’s a medi-spa?

Medi-spas offer treatments like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal and dermal fillers unlike a regular spa. Ideally, medical doctors, aestheticians and nurses should be a part of the staff at medi-spas. Depending on what treatment you’re having, the individual who’s treating you should be well-experienced and licensed to do so at a medi-spa.

The risk of so-called medi-spas

Tons of establishments market themselves as medi-spas with limited (or any) licensed staff on site. This sounds obvious, but the lasers used in laser hair removal treatments are incredibly hot. These powerful lasers can leave burns and scars, especially when they’re operated by inexperienced hands.

It’s sadly common for dermatologists to see patients who suffer from complications after getting laser hair removal treatments from ill-trained individuals.  The Canadian Dermatology Association surveyed doctors across the country and found that “73% of  dermatologists surveyed have treated patients for burns, scars or other wounds sustained after seeking laser treatments.”

The medical aesthetics industry is unregulated

Technically, anyone can legally operate lasers and perform laser hair removal treatments. You don’t have to be a doctor or a dermatologist. You can even buy laser equipments online on Kijiji without any training or credentials. With this loophole, it’s quite simple to make money off of oblivious patients without having real qualifications.

Another issue to consider is that a medi-spa or salon may not have enough lasers that are right for your skin type. Sometimes the laser(s) they have can’t remove all of your hair. According to this article, patients with light skin and dark hair get the most effective laser hair removal results. This Toronto Star article reports that people with dark or tanned skin are at a higher risk of side effects because of the extra pigment in their skin. If the wrong machine is used or the laser’s settings aren’t adjusted, the patient can leave with burns or discoloration.

Get laser hair removal treatments by licensed medical professionals.
Dr. Mulholland at SpaMedica performing a laser hair removal treatment. SpaMedica has multiple lasers and wavelengths.
Your best bet is to visit a centre that has multiple lasers and wavelengths that can be used throughout your treatments. This is important because while one laser can permanently remove some hair follicles, a different laser is needed to remove the rest. Multiple lasers should be used if you want the best results.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

It’s always stressed to do your research before any procedure. Laser hair removal is no exception. It might be tempting to choose an establishment with dirt cheap prices, but don’t let the cost of treatments sway you. Find out if the treatment provider is a licensed doctor, nurse or dermatologist or if there are any on-site. You really don’t want to deal with buyer’s remorse, especially when it can leave you with scars and burns.

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