Thursday, 23 July 2015

Get $300 OFF Anti-Aging Packages at SpaMedica

Get $300 off anti-aging packages at SpaMedica!

We've all got little concerns on our skin that bothers us. Even if you're super careful with taking care of your skin with products and strict routines, sometimes that doesn't stop wrinkles and lines from creeping up.

Good thing we offer several treatments that reduce and eliminate wrinkles and lines. After you complete a series of treatments, you'll notice your skin looks brighter, tighter and smoother. Until August 15, get $300 or more off anti-aging packages! That's 20% off regular priced packages.

Get $300 or more off anti-aging packages at SpaMedica

Some of the anti-aging packages we offer at SpaMedica


This fractionated radiofrequency treatment stimulates the collagen to plump the under carpet of your skin and promotes cell renewal. All of this improves the look of wrinkles, skin tone and texture of your skin dramatically. After your treatments, you'll be sure to look youthful and radiant.

Watch Dr. Mulholland perform a Fractora treatment on this episode of Cityline.
Fractional Laser Treatments

These treatments differ from Fractora slightly as they use laser energy instead of radiofrequency. They do provide similar results, though. Fractional laser treatments help improve fine lines, scars and pigmentation problems after a series of treatments. The laser energy targets your dermis to improve these concerns and stimulate new collagen and elastin.

The FotoFacial is designed to reduce and eliminate your sun damage, brown spots, redness and broken blood vessels on your face. These treatments use intense pulsed light, infrared and laser energy all in one pulse. Fun fact: the original FotoFacial was developed by Dr. Mulholland and Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.!

*Coupon valid towards non physician, medspa services. Cannot be used in conjunction with any offer and has no cash value. SpaMedica reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time. Minimum $1500 purchase. Expiry Aug 15, 2015. Book your appointment now.

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