Thursday, 5 March 2015

Brazilian Butt Lifts: How to Get a Bigger Butt with Your Own Fat

Remember back in the days when having a big butt wasn’t all the rage like it is now? With big booties mentioned and shown almost everywhere from songs, music videos and photos (Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, ahem) it’s clear that being curvaceous down below is the thing now.

There’s a lot of science and research on big butts and why people like them so much. This study revealed that women with larger than average butts give birth to children with higher intelligence compared to women with smaller butts. These women are also very resistant to chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Research also shows that men prefer curvy women because they’re seen as more fertile and have bodies that are well-equipped for making babies.

As we all know, not everyone is born with the same physique or curves—so you either deal with it or do something about it. In the last couple of years, plastic surgeons have seen a higher demand for Brazilian butt lifts. In the U.S, almost 10,000 Brazilian butt lifts were performed in 2013. One of the major reasons for this trend is because many women want to emulate curvier bottoms similar to Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj. 

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lifts involve taking fat from other areas of the body and then transferring it to the butt for more volume and shapelier curves. Typical areas where fat is taken from include the abdomen, hips and outer thighs. A lot of fat from the donor site should be present to give enough shape and volume to the butt. It’s like a win-win situation; you take fat from an area you don’t want and have it placed in the area you want to plump up.

The rundown of how fat transplantation works

Fat and stem cells are first spun down and then purified before transplantation
Source: SpaMedica. Fat and stem cells are taken from donor sites and prepared before transplantation.
After the fat and stem cells are harvested from the donor sites, they have to be prepared before transplantation.

-The fat is spun down in a centrifuge. This separates the fat and stem cells away from unwanted elements.

-The purified fat cells are transferred to syringes and then injections can be made to the butt.

What to expect after your Brazilian butt lift

Kim Kardashian's Belfie on Instagram
Source: Kim Kardashian's Instagram. Many women want to emulate Kim Kardashian's curves.
Brazilian butt lifts take about 1.5 hours to perform. After the procedure, you’ll experience some soreness and stiffness in your donor sites and butt. There are things to be mindful of after treatment, such as not sitting or lying on your butt directly. Instead, you’ll likely be recommended to sleep on your side and shift weight to the upper part of the back of your thighs when you sit. This minimizes pressure on the fat cells.

How long your results last

The results from your Brazilian butt lift will last for years. A structural fat grafting technique places fat cells and fat derived stem cells about 1-2 milimetres from a blood supply. New blood vessels grow into these fat cells (this process is called neovascularization).

Once the blood supply returns to the grafted fat cells and stem cells in the soft tissue of your butt, the grafted cells incorporate into the regular buttock tissue. These cells will last for years. But of course, as you get older, the buttock tissue will naturally undergo age-related fat and so will the fat grafts.

So if you find that doing hundreds of squats or other butt-lifting exercises aren’t giving you the results you want, you’ve got options. Learn more about Brazilian butt lifts here or book your appointment online now.

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