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Breast Augmentation: 5 Common Myths Debunked

Breast Augmentation Myths Debunked

Breast augmentation is one of big decisions a woman can make. It leaves you asking a lot of questions, if you don’t know where to start. It’s often super confusing learning about the procedure when there’s so much information and myths out there on this subject. Considering this, we decided to tackle and explain some of the most common breast augmentation myths below.

Breast implants explode on airplanes

This is an urban myth, but a very common one. It’s a question that people often ask their plastic surgeons. Since breast implants are very durable, they will not explode on airplanes.  Altitude and pressure will not affect your breast implants. Go on that plane and fly off to whatever destination you desire—your breasts will be just fine!

Breast implants have an expiry date

Breast implants last a long time; some women never have to have them replaced or taken out. People often say that breast implants should be changed every 10-15 years. Doctors say that unless breast implants need to be changed or removed due to ruptures or personal choices, implants don’t have to be taken out at a specified time. Especially now with improved durable implants on the market, there’s no need to replace your breast implants unless you absolutely have to.

Your breasts will look just how you wanted them to after surgery

Right after surgery, your breasts wont look the way they ultimately will in the long run. They need time to settle in. Usually in the first two to three weeks, breast implants look swollen or sit a little too high on your chest. It takes two to three weeks for the breast implants to drip down into the pocket and look more natural. After six weeks, your breasts will look more natural and match the expectations you might have had prior to surgery. Depending on your plastic surgeon, they might recommend you to do massages or wear a breast wrap to allow your breast implants to settle lower in the pocket.

Scars are obvious

Like with any procedure, breast augmentation will leave you with scars. How big and visible those scars are depends on your plastic surgeon and the technique used. Scars are normally no more than a few centimeters long. The incision options that are available in breast augmentation include:
  1.         Under the breast fold
  2.     Areolar approach
  3.     Armpit
  4.     Belly button

If you don’t want any visible scars on your breast, incisions made to the armpit and belly button are the best options. And just as a fun fact, Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Mulholland was one of the leaders who developed the endoscopic armpit incision approach in breast augmentation.  

Stretch marks will develop on breasts

Getting stretch marks on breasts after breast augmentation isn’t common. Plastic surgeons do see few patients who develop stretch marks on their breasts, but it’s not something that happens in every single patient.

It can happen though, especially if a woman chooses very large implants or has a history of stretch marks. When your dermis is torn and your skin stretches rapidly, stretch marks develop. Here’s a scenario: if the skin of a young woman’s breasts is very tight but she gets very large implants, this could increase the chances of stretch mark development. This is because her skin is rapidly expanding when the implants are put in place. Your plastic surgeon will explain and discuss what implants are ideal for your body type.

There’s more information about breast augmentation available here. Get in touch with us if you any have questions by leaving a comment or booking a consultation online.

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