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5 Essential Tips about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal at Spamedica Toronto by Dr.Mulholland

 Dr. Stephen Mulholland Performing Laser Hair Removal on a Patient in his Toronto Med Spa SpaMedica

Hot, summer days are long gone (unless you’re heading on vacation…lucky you!) and showing bare skin is no longer an option. Even if you don’t want to admit it, ladies aren’t shaving their legs as often anymore because they’re hidden in pants or leggings in the winter. But imagine if you don’t have to bother buying razors and shaving unwanted hair a few times a week once the summer hits? Laser hair removal in Toronto gives you that option.

It’s affordable, faster and better than ever. It spares you the time of constantly grooming and worrying about stubble showing on your legs. So, here are our 5 essential laser hair removal tips for you to know before you book your treatments:

1.  Lasers remove body hair faster than before

Better and faster lasers are now available so that body hair removal is much faster. Even men with hairy backs can have their hair removed in 20 minutes. The Vectus laser at SpaMedica is fast enough to get rid of a man’s chest and back hair in 20 minutes. Clients see 80% of their hair removed after 4-5 treatments. Permanent hair removal is possible in just a few treatments.

2.  Different lasers are used for different skin types

In the past, laser hair removal for dark skin types was considered risky. Lack of training and availability of the right techniques and lasers for dark skin types was the problem. Since dark skin has more melanin, there's higher risk of scarring or blistering if the treatment isn’t performed well. Now, lasers and trained professionals are able to target and treat hairs on dark skin safely. Longer wavelengths and a variety of lasers are used for Asian, black and olive skin types.

  Laser hair removal before and after picture at Spamedica Toronto 
Picture Source - Spamedica website

3.  Men are big consumers of laser hair removal

It’s always assumed that men just don’t do cosmetic procedures. That’s not the case, especially when it comes to laser hair removal in Toronto. Men typically drop in for sessions to remove unwanted hair from their chests and backs. It’s a super common treatment for men—a report from 2013 shows that 190,546 procedures were performed on men. Facial hair may be in, but body hair? Not so much.

4.  Licensed individuals should perform laser hair removal for safest results

 It seems like you can get this treatment done in just about any corner in the city. Many businesses and even nail salons offer laser hair removal in Toronto. Prices may be cheap or these places offer Groupons or promotional values—that doesn’t mean you’ll get the best results. There should be licensed staff or doctors present at a proper medi-spa. That’s often not the case when visiting businesses that falsely advertise themselves as medi-spas. The person who’s handling powerful and scorching lasers could be unlicensed or inexperienced. Not a good thought to have, in our opinion.

5.  Have treatment at a clinic to access multiple lasers for efficient hair removal

 Avoid booking your laser hair removal Toronto sessions at an obscure place. Do your research and visit a medi-spa or clinic that has board licensed doctors or dermatologists. You’ll have more confidence that these people know what they’re doing. If there was a chance of complication, they’re experienced and trained enough to advise you on your next steps. Properly equipped facilities will also have several lasers to treat different skin types and hairs. 

Take these tips and consider them when you’re researching where to have your treatments done. Don’t be afraid to ask the practitioner questions because the more you know, the better you’ll be prepared.

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